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Welcome to my new web blog.  I am Noval Try.. Most people around me call just Nono…not No-No.  I am original Indonesian and I eagerly love blogging. I started to love writing when I opened my first blog in 2004.  From just short ones until a soo long article, developed into amateur writer and turn into photography loving which I am still learning on it up to now.
Life is learning and during our live, we must learn right?
Originally I am from Malang, a medium-sized city in East Java, Indonesia. But now I am living in Semarang, Central Java’s capital which is well-known on its typical lunpia (popiah). And now I move again to Tangerang, a municipality locates near Jakarta. So love into writing until I follow various writing contests and write occasionally in several media. Besides, I am into photography, singing and all related to language and cultures. Knowing others’ cultures is my passion, but I also learn more about my own culture. Why? My country is very rich in cultures which will be regrettable if we ignore and unwant to preserve it.
For anyone who wants to know me more, please do not be hesitate to contact me. By this blog, I hope we can develop more networking and making friends for world’s peace.
Noval Try
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